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2018年3/21 フランスはパリにてCSR書道教室を実施しました。We carried out a CSR calligraphy workshop in Paris, France.


We carried out a CSR calligraphy workshop at a facility that is doing Japanese classes and Japanese classes located in Paris, France.

エスパス・ジャポン Espace Japon http://www.espacejapon.com/fr/event_calligraphie


『日本の書道 掛け軸と暦を作ろう』Let's make a Japanese hanging scroll and a calendar with one character of Kanji.








Based on the technique of SHODO (the calligraphic art form of Japan), this workshop is

an introduction in the appreciation of the art of SHODO.

We will create a SHODO calendar using one of your favorite KANJI characters.

I will provide various font types from ancient hieroglyphics to modern styles. We will use

the GOTAIJIRUI Calligraphy Dictionary for reference. You can choose your favorite

typeface from the dictionary, and then write the KANJI character in the calendar in the

SHODO style. (The teacher writes an example for each student.)












[Significance and purpose]

The lesson will begin by visually understanding the formation of KANJI. Then, we will

review the many different forms and styles of SHODO using the GOTAIJIRUI Dictionary

and explore the evolution of KANJI. Afterwards, we will explore our own style and

interpretations of SHODO. The lesson will emphasize experimentation, discovery, and

having fun with attempting new styles. Creating a sense of freedom with calligraphy will

be one of our goals.

In making our calendar, we will learn about many kinds of brush techniques. For example,

pressing the brush hard on the paper to reveal the brush strokes (gyakuhitu), using a

semi-dry brush to create texture (hihaku), using a wet brush to create drops and happy

accidents (himatsu) and so on. Discovering the different characteristics of these brush

strokes will assist in developing good calligraphy techniques, but well do it in an

enjoyable and creative way.

It is beauty of Japan to recognize and use the power of nature.

Please, enjoy Happy accidents.




・漢字から絵を想像し、その意味を読み解いてみよう (日本人が作り出した漢字について)





[Structure of the Workshop]

The first half of the workshop will be a lecture (case by case):

Imagine a picture from Kanji and try to read the meaning (And about the new Kanji produced by the Japanese)

The history and evolution of kanji from ancient hieroglyphic styles to modern styles of

KANJI, which will also include the phonic-based Japanese writing of KATAKANA and


A short talk about writing strokes and their sequential order when writing.

A discussion on the evolution of style in KANJI to the present.

Tricks, tips, and techniques to write KANJI characters well (永字八法 EIJIHAPPOU).

Explanation of the various ways and techniques to use the brush, referencing various

works of art.

An introduction to artworks influenced by calligraphy and also calligraphy influenced by












The Second Half of the workshop will be Practicing Calligraphy by Making a Calendar:

First, I show the demonstration. Next,

1. Practice making lines on paper using various brush strokes.(If there is enough class time, let's rub the stone ink first.

You can make your favorite ink color.)

2. Practice four favorite fonts on paper. Then, choose and discuss with me your favorite

font to use for the calendar.

3. Practice writing large your chosen KANJI font using the whole paper. Then, show me

your work and then we can discuss their personal style.

4. After practicing, make your final KANJI character on the calendar paper. (Important! It

can only be done one time.)

5. Sprinkle gold powder or silver powder on your calendar page, then press the seal (the

HANKO signature). Finally, sign your own signature.

6. We will look at, discuss, and share our thoughts about each other's works.



[Lending] Japanese papers for practice/Calligraphy brush and small brush/Inkstone/Black ink stick/Liquid ink/Underlay/Paperweight/Gold and silver powder/Sign and seal/Vermilion ink pad/Calligraphy calendar paper